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Additional functionality added to cell phone via “learning” function button Disclosure Number: IPCOM000146776D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Feb-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Feb-21
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Cell phones today are rapidly becoming the only electronic device to be carried by the masses. The problem is that there are many other electronic devices vying for the same "pocket space" in the user’s limited carrying capacity. These devices include such items as remote, keyless entry/starter for automobiles, remote gate access, remote garage door openers, etc.

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Additional functionality added to cell phone via "learning" function button

Create a "learning" function button on the cell phone with the ability to replicate/copy any infrared or radio frequencies based devices and play it back on demand. The cell phone can use this "learning" function button to reduce the redundancy of carrying multiple devices, this new ability effectively emulates any electronic device that emits a remote controlled signal.

Add additional functionality to the cell phone and allow the user to either configure the phone to copy/replicate the remote signal via direct learning of the signal or through computer configurable software using an on-line database of remote devices. The on-line database would originally be created with the most popular devices and each time the end user configures a new remote device that is not already in the database, it will then be added to this continual learning database making it easier to configure the phone the next user comes along. By programming the new function button to work in conjunction with the numeric keypad, the user can have quick access to programmed functions to send out signals to remote controlled devices.