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Graduated brake with force direction differentiate Disclosure Number: IPCOM000146905D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Feb-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Feb-27
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Disclosed is an axial loaded Graduated Brake (GB) for maintaining the top front end of a server up at an angle for service to the inside.

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Graduated brake with force direction differentiate

The problem solved by this invention is one of how to gain access to the Central Processing Unit (CPU) through the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) bracketry from the top of a rack mount Server. Utilizing all the space within a server dictates that some of the server will be above another portion for which access is required. It is thus desirable in this application to have customer access to the CPU. The CPU is under the HDD bracketry and thus the bracketry must be removed out of the way. Access to the CPU area is gained by pivoting the HDD hood up and out of the way. This needs to be done with the minimum of user exertion and the maximum safety and protection of the HDDs. In this application the HDD hood is removed after powering off (to replace or add a CPU). The hood can be held at any position and requires just 12 pounds to lift and 18 to lower. The invention works by way of a graduated brake for which the force to remove the HDDs upward is 12 pounds while the holding in place force is a Max of 18 pounds. The force is graduated with the position of the HDD hood. The higher up the hood the less force required to hold it there. The lower down the hood the more force required to hold it there. To move the hood down requires a momentary force to overcome whilst the hood will not fall past the momentary h...