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A Method to Remotely Change the Security Status of a Hardfile Disclosure Number: IPCOM000147456D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Mar-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Mar-16
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A Method is to Remotely Change the Security Status of a Hardfile

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A Method to Remotely Change the Security Status of a Hardfile

     There are instances where it is desirable to change the password on a disk device without having physical access to the system when the change is to occur. An example would be if a employee were to be terminated; in this case it may be desirable to change the drive password to protect sensitive data from compromise. While this is readily done if the administrator has physical access to the system, it is difficult to do if the system is remotely deployed. This disclosure describes on approach to solve this problem.

     A way of changing the password remotely in this case it to implement a new command in the disk drive to accept a delayed password change. The command would accept as parameters the date/time of the change, and the current password, flags to indicate the desired action (change password, do a low level format on the disk, cancel the last request, etc). If the request is to change the password, the request must also include the new password. If multiple requests are received before the time is reached, then the last request will take precedence. If there is no password currently set, then the command would be rejected (this is to prevent a denial of service attack by allowing a method to set a random password that will lock drive). There would need to be an additional command that is used to send the date/time to the drive each time the drive boots. This...