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Flexible PCB housing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000148655D
Publication Date: 2007-Mar-30
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Flexible PCB housing

    The present electronic ballasts normally contain a complete PCB assembly including all electronic components and are covered by a plastic or metal housing enclosure. Some high power electronics ballasts need potting material inside the ballast housing or extra heat sink outside the ballast housing for hot components' cooling.

    Another possibility to provide cooling is to form the housing out of flexible PCB. The Flexible PCB housing can provide more possibilities with respect to mounting location for all components inside the ballast. All the hot components on the PCB can transfer heat directly through the PCB to the ambiance. The outside copper layer of the Flexible PCB can spread heat around the housing to the ambiance and also provides EMI protection.

    Important advantages of this approach are:
- Miniaturization: 3D component mounting inside the housing.
- Good thermal performance: Without potting and extra heat sink.
- Simple production process: One time re-flow soldering.
- Lower total product cost: No plastic or metal housing.
- ECO: No potting or no aluminium heat sink for high power ballast.

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The figures show an in plano of the housing and the finalized housing respectively.

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