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Modularized Data Mining Method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000149785D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Apr-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Apr-05
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An apparatus is described that permits collection from a running system of the necessary state data to perform Performance Analysis Capacity Planning Problem Detection Problem Diagnosis Workload Characterization

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Modularized Data Mining Method

Described is a program that enables the user to collect state data from the system memory with no dependence on support in data-owning components, no instrumentation inserted into data-owning components, and minimal performance impact on data-owning components.

The program has been implemented for the z/OS operating system.

The program structure consists of a main program, data collection descriptors, and control statements.

Operation is as follows:

Read control statements

Load requested descriptor(s)

Interpret the descriptor(s), that is, collect the desired data

Store output data

Repeat at interval(s) specified in the control statements

 Control Statements

Object Data of Application or System


Data Collection Main Program

Extracted Data File

  Data Collection Descriptors