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An Improved Radio Button Disclosure Number: IPCOM000149850D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Apr-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Apr-10
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Disclosed is a radio button that, upon re-selection, changes its label and value to a another function.

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An Improved Radio Button

Disclosed is a radio button that, upon being re-selected, changes its label and value to a similar, but unique, function. As the radio button is repeatedly re-selected, it cycles through an array of assignable functions. In the preferred embodiment, a radio button thusly enabled is indicated by concatenating ASCII character 187, a right-pointing double angle quotation mark (»), to the button's label. This character signifies:

There are multiple functions assignable to the radio button.



Each subsequent click on the radio button moves through the array of function in a forward


To shift navigation through the array in the reverse direction, the end user re-selects the radio button while pressing the Shift key. Accordingly, a left-pointing double angle quotation mark («) is appended to the front of the radio button label to signal the reversed direction. The ability to reverse direction becomes compulsory as the length of the function array increases.

Once the end user has assigned the desired radio button function, the function assignment 'sticks' or becomes a semi-permanent in that radio button can be repeatedly deselected (by selecting another radio button in the group) and selected without changing its assigned function. The end user can only reassign a button's functions by clicking on an already-selec...