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XML Builder for Faces Components Disclosure Number: IPCOM000149853D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Apr-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Apr-10
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Presented is a new method for dynamically creating JavaServer Faces (JSF) components when the data model is not known at design time, which can reduce development efforts and maintenance cost greatly by making Web User Interface (UI) fully reusable, adaptable, configurable and extensible.

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XML Builder for Faces Components

A program (XML Builder for Faces Component) is disclosed that builds JavaServer Faces (JSF) components dynamically when the data model is not known at design time in an innovative and integrated way where data models can be adapted automatically and Look and Feel (LAF) can be configured easily and so Web User Interfaces (UI) can be reused or extended across different solutions to reduce development efforts and maintenance cost significantly.

For addressing dynamic data model issue in Web development, developers have to be faced with redundant code or pages and view-model binding details when following traditional JSF approaches (such as using different JSP files for different data models, using Java* code to create UI components dynamically or using custom JSF components or custom JavaServer Page (JSP) tags). Those approaches are quite inefficient and very hard to configure, extend and maintain.

XML Builder for Faces Component (XB4FC) solves problems of these traditional JSF methods elegantly by providing data model adaptive facility and integrating configurable layout and styles. XB4FC can also do the view-model binding automatically and reuse existing UI Patterns to reduce coding efforts greatly. The following image depicts the overall structure of XB4FC:

Figure 1 - XML Builder for Faces Component Overall Structure


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The key components of XB4FC are explained as follows:

Model: the simplest way is just use Java Interface to extract required metadata (attribute id, type, translated name, validation rules, submission processing method and so on) from different data models; othe...