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Informational Roll-up Process Disclosure Number: IPCOM000149944D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Apr-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Apr-13
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Employee journal for work activities with manager/lead summary ability for upper managment.

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Informational Roll-up Process

A process/tool used to simplify reporting from subordinates to
upper-levels of management. In addition the detail is also
available to team members for inter-team communication and to
provider a better understanding of workload, project status and

Employees at every level collect progress reports,
accomplishments and problems into a single repository that
records the entry and classification information(ie. Name,
category, date, etc.) When then entry period has expired
managment is then allowed to review all information submitted and
create summary(s)/rollup(s). These summarys/roll-ups are then
available to the upline manager for roll-up/summary. Important
information "bubbles" to the top for use in more formal
status/reporting or as an raw dump.

After the immediate usage of the information has been complete it
is archived for use by the submitting employee and management for
end of year reports and measurements of goal achievement.