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Original Publication Date: 1980-Sep-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Apr-24
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Wieser, Uri Alan L. Davis
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by URI WEISER and ALAN L. DAVIS UUCS 80 111 Department of Computer Science University of UtahSalt Lake City, Utah 84112 SEPTEMBER 1980 This work was supported under the Data Driven Research Project grant provided by Burroughs Corporation. Table of Contents 1 INTRODUCTION 2 MATHEMATICAL PRESENTATION OF SEQUENCES 2.1 THE D OPERATOR 3 ONE DIMENSIONAL ARRAYS 3 . 1 MATRIX-VECTOR MULTIPLICATION 3.2 SOLVING TRIANGULAR LINEAR SYSTEMS 4 TWO DIMENSIONAL ARRAYS 4.1 BAND MATRIX MULTIPLICATION 4.1.1 G e n e r a l approach 4.1.2 C o n s t r u c t i o n of the n e t w o r k . 4.2 SOLVING A SET OF TRIANGULAR LINEAR SYSTEMS 4.2.1 CASE 1: A X Y, w h e r e A is a triangular band m a t r i x , and X and Y are full m a t r i c e s 4.2.2 CASE 2: A X Y , w h e r e A, X and Y are all band m a t r i c e s 5 CONCLUSIONS I. Number of multiplications in Matrix: Multiplication List of Figures Figure 1: Two steps TransformationFigure 2: The delay element leq. (111.