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Uplink responses for two services on one dedicated carrier Disclosure Number: IPCOM000152248D
Original Publication Date: 2007-May-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-May-24

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As operators move towards more diverse arrangements, scenarios can emerge in which a terminal receives MBM Services (Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast) on one carrier whilst being involved in active data transmission on another carrier. For example a RRC_ACTIVE UE (RRC: Radio Resource Control, UE: User Equipment) which uses the uplink for a transmission on a first carrier can receive a message which needs a response for sending a signal to the second carrier. A dual mode UE has one transmitter even if it is equipped with two receivers and thus the UE is not able to respond to the second carrier. Therefore, it is proposed to use the uplink from the UE to the network to respond to another carrier (see Figure 1). There are two possibilities to send the response message: the first one is to use the current resources on the first carrier. This solution requires the network to ensure that the cell of the first carrier allocates resources for the transmission of the response to the cell of the second carrier. The response is then forwarded from the first carrier to the second one. The second solution is to temporarily change the Upload Transmitter frequency to a second carrier. Thus the response can be sent before resuming the transmission on the first carrier. This requires that the cell on the first carrier creates an upload transmission gap, in which no upload is scheduled from the UE under question when the resources are scheduled by the cell on the second carrier.