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Sharing single ROM content for multiple products Disclosure Number: IPCOM000153156D
Publication Date: 2007-May-25

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Platform approach has increasing popularity in electronic embedded systems. Hardware and software components are re-used and mixed together to derive platforms targeting different tiers, from low to high end applications. In this approach the most commonly used and stable software components, like multimedia codecs are often placed in embedded ROM since these memories provide the best performance/cost tradeoff. Among the software programs in ROM are licensable IPs which require customers to pay royalties for being granted the right to use the software. Hence reusing the same integrated circuit (IC) for products with varying requirements from low cost to high tier leads may prove difficult as aggressive low-cost products targets may not support the expense of extra royalties for unnecessary features. A fuse based method is presented in this article to enable reuse of the same ROM content and System-On-Chip (SoC) throughout various platforms.