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Satellite Charge Monitor Disclosure Number: IPCOM000158042D
Publication Date: 2007-Sep-12

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The disclosed Satellite Charge Monitor is an instrument for measuring the effects of deep charging on dielectrics used in the construction of satellites. The instrument uses the principle of electrostatic induction to measure the Field Stress, Resistivity and Breakdown of a dielectric material as well as high energy particle fluence within a test dielectric. The instrument monitors the rate and amount of charge deposited on the test dielectric and provides a measure of how close the test dielectric is to a discharge event. This telemetry is provided in real-time and can be used by satellite operators as an early warning measure of a potential electrical discharge. The test dielectric can be prepared in eight possible configurations. These configurations are divided into two distinct groups; the first group consists of samples configured to measure the charge on the dielectric portion of the test sample whereas the second group consists of samples configured to measure the charge on a central metallic disc. The sample configurations from the first group are well suited for reproducing the typical electrical configurations of dielectrics used in satellites. The sample configurations in the second group are well suited for the study of material properties since the configurations are based on a standard method of dielectric resistivity measurement.