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Temperature/Pressure Sensor Using Raman Shifted Lasers and Tuning Mechanism Disclosure Number: IPCOM000159852D
Publication Date: 2007-Oct-31

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Sebastian Csutak


When a radiation is incident upon a media due to vibrational modes Stokes and Antistokes modes are excited. These shifts are temperature and pressure dependent. Normally the excited radiation is incoherent. By designing a cavity a Raman laser can be constructed and such laser can be used to monitor temperature and pressure change. Such a device would include a pump laser and one or more Raman fiber lasers. This sensors can be accessed remotely or can be packed such that they are independent from surface. In the case of a cased hole a laser that sits at surface and does not require cooling can be used. The principle of Raman laser can be used in a different way. A pump laser can address a fiber that has a multitude of Raman cavities that are spectrally slightly shifted. By addressing each of these lasers a tuning mechanism is provided. This mechanism can be used for accessing several sensors or monitoring other parameters.