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System and Method for an Optimal Authorization of Financial Market Data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000166323D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jan-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jan-10
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Real world authorization is based on complex data, structures and rules. An example of a real world authorization system can be found in financial markets. This publication describes a system and method to perform authorization checks and rules to create a hierarchical structure for complex data (in particular financial market data).

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System and Method for an Optimal Authorization of Financial Market Data

Disclosed is a method to improve the performance of an entitlement check on complex data structures; by first performing an approximate check using a fast hierarchical access check.

Authorization systems based on hierarchies are well tested and are built with efficiency in mind. One of the issues with these systems is that real world applications such as financial market data do not fit into a hierarchical authorization structure. Authorization on financial market data requires complex structures and rules. Existing authorization systems for financial market data often have to perform data mapping and complex rule checks to determine if requests to access to market data are entitled to the data.

This method provides a mechanism to improve the efficiency and throughput of entitlement checks, such as those to financial market data, which are highly complex in nature and involve dynamic contextual data that must be mapped in order to complete the entitlement check. The method disclosed involves generating an authorization hierarchy and performing a preliminary check against this hierarchy to quickly determine whether the requestor has sufficient entitlements to justify proceeding with any necessary data mapping and rule checking required to complete the entitlement processing. Existing efficient hierarchical authorization systems can be used to perform the initial check.

This preliminary check is optional. It is intended to decrease the unnecessary mapping of data, but does not guarantee that it will in all cases. The preliminary check is an approximate representation of the unique entitlement mapping information and is not the same logic as the entitlement mapping process.

The authorization hierarchy is generated during the entitlement provisioning process. The following algorithm is used to create the authorization hierarchy. A unique name is specified for the top level of the hierarchy, for example, Root or the application name. The largest container (from the list of information provided), is then used as the next level of the hierarchy, then the next largest, and so on. In financial market data, this is /Root/



The authorization hierarchy delves as deep as possible while there is static information available for containers that doesn't require furthe...