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ADA friendly On Demand Remote Control for Self Checkout Systems/Kiosks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000166546D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jan-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jan-15
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Consumer retractable hand held remote controller for use a handicapped end-user or a shopper's assistant of a self checkout machine and Kiosks. Some customers cannot reach the touch screen monitor and must ask for help because they cannot reach the touch screen. Usually this is due to customers/shopper assistants that are handicapped, in a wheel chair, shorter than the average height and or just cannot reach due to a physical limitation and or pain.

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ADA friendly On Demand Remote Control for Self Checkout Systems /Kiosks

The On Demand Remote Control is a hand held remote control that can interact with the Self Checkout machine as if you were standing and using the touch screen. It would take the place of touching the screen for those who cannot touch the screen for any number of reasons. The remote has buttons just as any other remote control like for a TV or other hand held remote devices. All self checkout consumer and shopper assistant functions are available on the remote control. It is attached to the system in a reachable area and is tethered by a retractable cable. It could be automatically released when the customer scans their loyalty card at the checkout station. The point of sale system loyalty server accepts card as a user needing the remote and releases to the customer. The normal monitor still operates should other assistance by shopper assistance is needed. Special graphics are used on the checkout monitor to assist as the order is processed. This could also be used on any shopper interface that a consumer would use and cannot reach.