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Selective Change Recording and Containment Root in Object Graph Disclosure Number: IPCOM000167043D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jan-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jan-30
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Disclosed is a mechanism for improving Change Recording and Root Containing when recording object changes. Selective Change Recording excludes Change Description, if any, and, therefore, it prevents infinite recording. Any object change triggers Change Description update which will trigger Change Description update again if Change Description itself isn't excluded. Selective Change Recording records changes only for selected objects which enables users to exclude some objects such as context and metadata in addition to Change Description. Containment Root in Object Graph does not require special handling. EMF container referencing, generic Resource save/load, and Java serialization already apply automatically, including generic Web Services enablement and generic XML/XSD/XMI/database resources.

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Selective Change Recording and Containment Root in Object Graph

Eclipse Modeling Framework provides
org.eclipse.emf.ecore.change.util.ChangeRecorder, and Service Data Objects provides org.eclipse.emf.ecore.sdo.impl.EChangeSummaryImpl$SDOChangeRecorder, to record object changes. This disclosure provides SelectiveChangeRecorder (Fig. 1) to exclude Change Description, if any, and record changes only for selected objects.

Figure 1

SelectiveChangeRecorder enhances EMF setTarget by changing listening to exclude Change Description, if any, and to only listen to changes for selected objects. SelectiveChangeRecorder also enhances EMF notifyChanged by changing recording to exclude Change Description, if any, and only record changes for selected objects.

Service Data Objects puts an object into a Data Graph as a non-containment root (Fig.
2), and makes the root object contained by special Resource to record changes. SDO handles the root object specially to reference Data Graph. SDO has special XML Resource and special Java serialization to handle the non-containment root. SDO does not provide correspondingly special XMI/XSD/database resources, and generic Web Services enablement won't support non-containment root unless a special plug-in is deployed.


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Figure 2

This disclosure enables root...