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Document generation method by using work flow chart for IT Governance Audit Disclosure Number: IPCOM000167049D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jan-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jan-30
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A program is disclosed that System name check and correct method on the internal control report in IT Governance Audit.

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Document generation method by using work flow chart for IT Governance Audit

 In japan, based on financial products trading low, the listed company must submit internal control report.

 In the report, company must describe the risk and control about Reliability of financial reporting, so the company which this low apply,
are preparing 【process flow】,【risk control matrix】 and 【Business description】 which needs to the internal control report.

 These company list the system which involved finacial report and reflect 【process flow】.

Ordinaly this relationship is managed in the 【Process-System Map】.

But Process owner often mistype or write by abbreviation the system name, so it is tough mission for campany to manage 【Process-System Map】.

 In this idea, the supporting tool can identify the correct system name and reflect this name to 【Process-System Map】 automatically,
even if process owner describe the wrong name.

 So it is not affected by the Process flow designer's abbreviation, typographical error and so on.

Fig.1 is function detail.

 Each business process is ownered by the 【process owner】 section and the section maintain the business flow of their business process.
in process flow, process owner descript the system name which are used in this business process

(like 「System A」「System B」 etc. in the Fig.1).

 The supporting tool has the 【System name check master】 which has arequency wrong...