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WBI Adapter Development Studio for C++ Disclosure Number: IPCOM000167104D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jan-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jan-30
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WebSphere Business Integration (WBI) Adapter Development Studio for C++ is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tools which integrate adapter development tooling into Eclipse platform with C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT). This invention creates an integrated tooling environment to help a WebSphere Business Integration Adapter developer and a WebSphere Business Integration Adapter application solution designer to create, manage, test, debug, run, and export WebSphere Business Integration adapters in the IDE.

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WBI Adapter Development Studio for C ++

1. General System Architecture

InterChange Server

WBI Adapter Development Studio for C++

WBI Adapter Framework

WBI Adapter Development Tooling

WBI Adapter C++ Project Generator/Manager

WBI Adapter Run Configuration Manager

WBI Adapter-Specific Property Template Editor

Message File Editor

WBI Adapter Run-Time Project Export Manager

WBI Adapter C++ Doc

WBI Adapter Code Generation

WBI Adapter Solution Provider Manager

C/C++ Development Toolkit (CDT)

Eclipse Platform



WBI Adapter Development Studio for C++ is an IDE which is a fully integrated development environment of WBI adapter development tooling, Eclipse platform, C/C++ Development Toolkit (CDT), C/C++ Debugger and WBI Adapter Framework.
- Eclipse Platform is an open platform for tool integration built by an open community of tool providers. It provides the core framework and services upon which all plug-in extensions are created. It also provides the runtime in which plug-ins are loaded, integrated, and executed. It lets other tool developers to easily build and deliver integrated tools.
- C/C++ Development Toolkit (CDT) is a set of Eclipse plug-ins that provides C/C++ extensions to the Eclipse platform. CDT also provides a C/C++ IDE that simplifies many of the same tools that you can use from the command line.
- C/C++ Debugger lets you see what's going on "inside" a C/C++ program while it executes.
- InterChange Server: WebSphere message brokers (WebSphere MQ Integrator,


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WebSphere MQ Integrator Broker, WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker), WebSphere Application Server and IBM WebSphere InterChange Server (ICS) are called simply Integration Broker.
- WBI Adapter Framework is provided as part of the WebSphere Business Integration Adapters product to communicate with the integration broker.

WBI Adapter Development Tooling is composed of the following software components which work with CDT, Eclipse platform, C/C++ Debugger and WBI Adapter Framework:
a. WBI Adapter Project Generator/Manager manages WBI adapter creation; lets adapter developer select WBI adapter solution template from WBI adapter solution template library; and creates WBI adapter C++ project which is automatically compiled, fully configured and ready for run/debug.
b. WBI Adapter Doc integrates WBI Adapter C++ documentation into the C++ Editor.
c. WBI Adapter Code Generation generates WBI Adapter C++ code and C++ Project based upon WBI Adapter Solution Templates and user input conditions.
d. WBI Adapter-Specific Template Editor is a GUI tool to enable a user to graphically create and edit a WBI Adapter -Specific Template. At the same time, it also can generate WBI Adapter-Specific property C++ codes base on the template.
e. Message File Editor is a GUI tool to let user graphically create and edit adapter message file.
f. WBI Adapter Run-Time Project Export Manager is a wizard to enable a developer to