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Compute Rack with Embedded Level Indication Disclosure Number: IPCOM000167108D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jan-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jan-30
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The current article looks to address issues in leveling a compute rack by placing a simple leveling device in the structure of the rack, eliminating the need to provide and manipulate a common leveling tool.

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Compute Rack with Embedded Level Indication

Often times, it is important to be sure that a compute rack is on a level surface in a data center environment. In many cases, the nature of a raised data center floor causes surfaces to be unequal in the plane of the tiles. To counteract these issues, server deployment staff must use a standard level on the rack to ensure proper operating position while simultaneously adjusting the height of the rack. These desperate actions often lead to 'clunky' operation while the user attempts to deploy the rack.

The current implementation would call for a level (liquid/bubble or other) to be embedded in one or more locations in the rack. The preferred embodiment would be to place a liquid bubble level in two locations in the rack as the following:

- on the front or rear surface of the rack to ensure level rack from a front on perspective. - on either side of the rack to ensure level rack from a side on perspective

In order to achieve the best indication of a level rack, the liquid bubble level could be placed at or near the top of the rack and in the mid section of the plane of the rack. The exact location of the levels would be influenced by the rack design.

See example embodiment below in Figure 1.

For usability purposes, the above may not be the ideal location. To ensure optimal usability, the level(s) would...