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Algorithm to Merge Business Graphs

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000167117D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jan-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jan-30
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Disclosed is a algorithm for merging Business Graphs so that users won't have to merge themselves which may be error prone and the behavior may be inconsistent.

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Algorithm to Merge Business Graphs

A Business Graph carries both business data and data about the data. The data about the data is essential to let middleware operate on and deal with the business data properly. Particularly, the Business Graph (Fig. 1) carries Business Objects context such as change information, Event Summary, instance schemas, and context properties:

Figure 1

This disclosure merges Business Objects, changeSummary, eventSummary, schema, and properties one by one. This disclosure merges ChangeDescription (Fig. 2) by merging objectsToAttach, objectsToDetach and objectChanges one by one: objectsToAttach are merged by moving EObject contents.
objectsToDetach are merged by copying/moving EObject contents. objectChanges are merged by moving all EObjectToChangesMapEntry.


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Figure 2

This disclosure merges Event Summary by simply moving all

ReferenceToContainmentMapEntry; merges instance schemas by simply moving all schemas, duplication will be removed; merges context properties by simply moving all of them, conflict mediation will be metadata-driven/configurable; and merges Business Objects (Fig. 3) by simply moving them:


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Figure 3

For example, the Business Graphs, BusinessGraph1 and BusinessGraph2, of Fig. 3 will be merged into the MergedBusinessGraph of Fig. 4:

Figure 4

The merging is automatic except for context properties whose conflicts are handled by metadata/configuration. Conflicts if any, are handled as:

Different Business...