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Method and Mechanism for Configuring Locale Specific Information/User Prefereces for Pervasive Electronic Devices Based on Cell Phone Settings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000167157D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Feb-01
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In today's society business travel and personal travel are part of everyone's life. Frequently this travel takes us out of the country and culture we are accustom to an into lands that most of us have issues understanding the language in. This leads to difficulty navigating, reading signs, or various other necessary items to ensure that we are able to function. As an example of where the following disclosure would be very useful let me give an example of a current problem that I face frequently. To many times have I traveled to Europe and outside of England when renting a car have trouble getting the car's navigation systems, internal display devices and other items from their native language back into english so I can effectively navigate to my location. Typically the devices in the car are, as you would expect, tailored to the specific countries language that I am in at the moment. This is but one example of the difficulties faced by an international traveler. May other issues face us from the atm machine, parking meter, all the way to the automated subway ticket stand where the native language is the default display mechanism. Most of these machines are all electronic today and if they are not will become electronic soon. Our disclosure here proposes a mechanism and method that allows for electronic devices to automatically switch locale to the primary users locale via communication with the one electronic device everyone carries with them today, their cell phone. The cell phone is the one most common pervasive device of business traveler and personal travelers and being able to exploit the fact that every user in most cases has their cell phone set to their preferred locale in conjunction with most machines now days being really easily able to send and receive wireless transmissions we propose a mechanism that automatically adjusts the devices display and output/input to the primary users cell phone's locale.

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Method and Mechanism for Configuring Locale Specific Information /User Prefereces for Pervasive Electronic Devices Based on Cell Phone Settings

The device we are proposing for the most part consists of two main mechanisms. One in the next generation cell phone (or an application that can extend todays cell phones) as a transmitter device and one in the electronic device that would provide the option to address the user in different locales. For the rest of this disclosure I will attempt to give the various parts of the disclosure using the GPS navigation system inside a car as an embodiment.

    The cell phone I carry to Europe has a small transmitting device built into it that can either use the current bluetooth protocol or another secure transmission method in order to broadcast locale information at a vary short radius around the carrier of the phone (3-5 feet). The short radius of the broadcast ensures that only devices addressable by the phone carrier are possibly effected. This broadcast of locale information is push only to make it secure and of course could be disabled by the user.

    The device to be configured contains a mechanism that listens for broadcast from users. It uses a smoothing algorithm to ensure that hits are truly real (ie not just someone walking by) and when a specific level of confidence is met the display is changed to the received broadcasts locale. Thus the user is able to be greeted by a machine/de...