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Email Product Enhancement: 'NNTO: Thank You' Option for Replies Disclosure Number: IPCOM000167263D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Feb-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Feb-05
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'THANK YOU' button for Lotus Notes

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Email Product Enhancement: 'NNTO: Thank You' Option for Replies

Disclosed is a programmed function in Lotus Notes that will enable a user to automatically respond to an email with a 'Thank You'. The intent is to enable a user to quickly, concisely, and efficiently convey a 'Thank You'. The novelty of this function lies in its use in response to e-mails. Prior art uses a 'Thank You' button to respond to a posting in a forum.

In the course of everyday activities, Lotus Notes users often need/want to show their appreciation to coworkers/others by replying to emails with a simple 'Thank You'. The disclosed solution will automate this function thereby alleviating unnecessary network traffic as well as expediting the user.

Today, a user selects 'reply', types in 'Thank You' and returns the email. Depending on which flavor of reply is used, responses may include the entire conversation history. The user simply wanted to convey the text: 'Thank You'.

This disclosure proposes a Lotus Notes pull down selection or a programmed button. This may be labelled: 'Thank You'.

Selecting this function would automatically prefix the original subject line with a: "NNTO: Thank You!" (where NNTO has the standard meaning: 'No Need To Open'). The entire body text would subsequently be deleted (in order to minimize unnecessary network traffic). The response would automatically be returned to the sender. A possible second flavor of this function may...