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Flexible metal shield for mounting on lamp/reflector unit Disclosure Number: IPCOM000167550D
Publication Date: 2008-Feb-19
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Flexible metal shield for mounting on lamp/reflector unit

The invention relates to how a shielding is mounted on an UHP lamp and how it stays on its position. Notice that it is difficult to mount the shielding around a finished lamp (fig 1a and 1b). The gap on top of the shielding is to small to make it possible to shift the shielding over the cover and contacts of the lamp.










Fig. 1a                                      Fig. 1b

To overcome this problem, four slits have been added to the wire cloth to make the shielding, near the gap, flexible (see Fig.2). That makes it possible to get the shielding over the edge of the lamp cap. The flexible part will spring back and will fit behind the edge of the lamp cap (see.  Fig.3). the shielding will pass the contact by squeezing the shielding what made the hole elliptical and can pass easily the contacts. 



Spring element