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Bluetooth Wireless Laptop Security Disclosure Number: IPCOM000168005D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Feb-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Feb-27
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There are many occasions when security is very important in the corporate environment, but lapses in security will happen because of human error. This invention addresses the problem of security lapses with locking down laptops while the user is away.

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Bluetooth Wireless Laptop Security

Our invention uses the trusted relationships of bluetooth to establish a link between a bluetooth device and the laptop. When a user activates the bluetooth security device, a connection between the laptop and the bluetooth device is made. If the connection is broken, then the laptop enables it's screensaver security feature. Our invention includes the ability to toggle the polling event and turn the feature on and off. Also, the bluetooth security can be configured for multiple devices. This allows the co-workers to hide collaboration if one of them leaves the room.

Multiple devices can be configured via the following rules
1. If one device leaves the room secure.
2. If all devices leave the room, secure.
3. If a specific device leaves the room, secure
3. If a threshold number of connected devices leaves the room, secure.

In one embodiment, the invention may be implemented by utilizing the following code:

Activate Button

Private Sub imgOn_Click()

Dim CommEvents As Long

'CommSocket.CommPort = 6

If (CommSocket.PortOpen = False) Then

CommSocket.PortOpen = True

End If

ComEvents = CommSocket.CommEvent

Timer2.Enabled = True

imgGreen.Visible = True

imgRed.Visible = False End Sub

Polling Timer

Private Sub tmrLock()

If (CommSocket.CDHolding = False) Then

Dim lRet As Long

lRet = SendMessage(Form1.hWnd, WM_SYSCOMMAND, SC_SCREENSAVE, 0&)

Tmr.Enabled = False

imgRed.Visible = True

imgGreen.Visible = False...