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SUN SENSOR ARRANGEMENT Disclosure Number: IPCOM000168489D
Publication Date: 2008-Mar-13
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The present invention relates to a sun sensor arrangement for vehicles, the sun sensor being arranged to transmit signals preferably comprising information about sun position and infrared light intensity for use together with an internal climate system of the vehicle. According to the invention a sun sensor light inlet is positioned at a top portion of a vehicle antenna on the vehicle roof, whereby the sealed configuration and the hole/-s made for the antenna leads etc in the vehicle roof are used also for the sun sensor. According to preferred embodiments the vehicle is a heavy truck or a bus.

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    Technical field 5

     The present invention relates to a sun sensor arrangement comprising a sun sen- sor applied to a vehicle, said sensor being arranged to provide, inter alia, infrared light intensity information to an interior climate system of the vehicle for the con- trol of said climate system.

Prior art

     Technique substantially as described above is previously known. Sun sensors of today normally comprise more than one photodetector and may, thus detect direc- 15
tion (azimut) as well as height (elevation) of the sun.

     In the case of private cars, sun sensors are often positioned far towards the front on the instrument board and sometimes on the engine casing. Such positioning provides good information about intensity and sun angles.

     In the case of the trucks it is more difficult to position the sun sensor so that all relevant angles are covered due to, inter alia, the slope of the front shield. An ideal position would be on the roof of the vehicle since there are no A-pillars etc obstructing the sight of the sensor. However, when positioning on the roof high 25
demands of sealing and the need of an additional hole in the steel sheet of the roof appear.

     The aim of the present invention is to provide a solution to the problems dis- cussed above.

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    According to the present inventio...