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Processor Database Controlling Process Flow in a Separate Main Database Disclosure Number: IPCOM000168726D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Mar-21
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Many projects that include large scale migration tools require that e-mail be sent at various points in the process, or for project status and time related processing to be coordinated. This article describes a way to split this e-mailing function into a separate database that can be run as a client so that the server does not have to be e-mail enabled.

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Processor Database Controlling Process Flow in a Separate Main Database

In order to have e-mail capability within a database an agent is written to process the e-mail requests and server would typically have to be e-mail enabled. If, for what ever reason, a server cannot be e-mail enabled then an e-mailing function can still be achieved. The solution is to create a second database that implements an e-mail function. This second, or "Processor Database", is then installed and run on a dedicated client, since clients typically have e-mail capability, this gives e-mail capability to the database through this dedicated client.

A connection is made from the Processor, or Dedicated Client, Database to the Main Database and then the documents in the Main Database are accessed with the privileges of the user ID being used on the Dedicated Client to access the data needed to produce the e-mailings. The status of the documents in the Main Database are then updated as needed to reflect the e-mailings that are made by the mail processing or Dedicated Client Database.

There are typically documents that control the e-mailings, these documents can be kept in either the e-mail processor or the Main Database, or both. This allows for configuration data to be entered by the user of the Main Database, or to be centralized in the mail processor database.

This invention can be expanded to include processing documents in the Main Database for a...