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A System or Method for Controlling Access of Work Requests Against Non-Lockable Heterogeneous Resources in a Stateless Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000168811D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Mar-28
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A system for controlling access to electronic resources with no de-facto locking mechanism.

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A System or Method for Controlling Access of Work Requests Against Non -Lockable Heterogeneous Resources in a Stateless Environment

Disclosed is a system that allows for the control of access to heterogeneous electronic resources which do not have a de-facto method of locking their contents. This can include a common file system, e-mail box, single file with multiple entries, etc. It may be desirable for user-driven work to be controlled in such a way that you can avoid duplication of work items by controlling access to these common resources. Current systems of locking resources tend to be built directly into the application or resource that is being accessed. For example database systems will control access to data in tables or rows while it is being accessed by other users. This approach is limited in that it applies to only one type of resource, and the same locking mechanism could not be naturally expanded to other resources outside of the native application. Other solutions offer a client that can manage a specific resource (i.e. Email inbox) and allow status updates of the resource, but do not provide an actual lock of the resource. This approach fails in both protecting against duplication of work, and flexibility of application. Our solution focuses on the locking mechanism not being tightly integrated into the resource that is being a...