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A Method for Preventing Dual Responses to an Email Disclosure Number: IPCOM000168825D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Mar-28

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Consider the case where a person, whom we will call ‘the recipient’, sends an email to a group of people. Person A and Person B both respond to ‘the recipient’ without replying to everyone. In the current art, there is not a mechanism to prevent more than one person from sending a response to that recipient. The problem with the current art is that the recipient could potentially be a client. It may be very undesirable if Person A and Person B reply to ‘the recipient’ with conflicting information. Currently there is no way for Person A to know if Person B has responded already to the email unless Person B replies to all on the email. The problem with the reply to all function is that it can easily fill up an in box. Currently mail clients can alert a user as to the status of one of their messages. This lets them know whether the email has been forwarded or replied to. There currently is nothing to show whether someone else on the list has responded to the original message. Our invention could include a visual indicator that another person on the list has responded to the message. This invention notifies the second person to reply to an email with multiple recipients. The second person to reply gets an alert stating that another person has replied to the email. The alert also displays the name of the previous senders to reply to that email. Given the alert information the second person can choose to delay replying to the email.