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Porting Legacy C and Assembly, POSIX Compliant Applications to Symbian Disclosure Number: IPCOM000168856D
Publication Date: 2008-Mar-31

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Symbian OS supports Symbian C++ type development, which is different from Standard C++ and requires a lot of expertise for developing applications. Significant differences between the standard libraries contribute an added effort and time for porting existing applications to Symbian. Then again the Symbian OS build process adds extra overhead when porting common source applications, especially those that come with an inclusive build procedure of there own. It also leaves programmers with very limited options to pass specific options and flags to the compiler and linker. Thus with the type of effort needed to build a full blown Symbian GUI application, it takes a lot of time to port any existing open source application or any other POSIX compliant Linux/UNIX applications to Symbian. The proposed process leverages the Symbian's P.I.P.S. (POSIX on Symbian OS) initiative along with reengineering the build process to make porting existing C components to Symbian easier. With using some of the POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) compliant libraries and a definite methodology it will be considerably easier for C developers to build platform independent application engines for Symbian phone or take existing projects mobile.