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GRN814: System and Method to Reuse Sound Energy Within a Data Center Disclosure Number: IPCOM000168888D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Apr-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Apr-02
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Executive Summary: This disclosure provides a system and method to effectively reuse otherwise wasted sound energy, e.g., from fans, HVAC systems, disk drive motion, etcetera, within a data center. This invention provides a system and method to capture this sound energy to convert it to electrical energy for reuse. This electrical energy may be used to trickle charge a battery backup system. The invention describes a series of microphone like structures arranged in a grid like lattice on a board or other physical object that may be place at close proximity to the radiating sound.

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GRN814: System and Method to Reuse Sound Energy Within a Data Center

Consider any data center. Fans, Disk drives, HVAC systems, tapes etc all emit sound energy. Some data centers are very loud. This sound energy is usually wasted. In the current art, this sound energy is either not addressed at all or is suppressed through the use of noise deadening insulation (for example fiberglass) installed in ceilings, walls and floors. Many companies are pursuing efficiency and optimization of data centers and therefore all forms of wasted energy should be addressed. Sound energy is no exception.

The invention described here focuses primarily on a system, in the form of multiple grouped microphones that can be placed around areas of the data center that emit sound energy such that the energy can be reused. This reuse will most likely be in the form of electrical energy. Microphone and the conversion of sound into electrical energy is a well known art, but the authors feel that the specific arrangement of microphone technology in a board like structure for the specific use of collecting otherwise wasted sound energy is unique.

Value Statement

As with all wasted energy in a data center, an energy efficient data center should include not just conserving energy wherever possible, but also reusing otherwise wasted energy. Sound energy, although a low priority energy stream, still is a wasted channel of energy. This system and method provides the ability to reuse this wasted sound energy - especially in areas of a data center that is loud - for example near HVAC systems, fans and disk drives.

The invention surrounds the use of a 'board' or other structure consisting of multiple (current art)...