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GRN835: System to Administer Incentives Based on Print Usage Disclosure Number: IPCOM000169607D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Apr-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Apr-24
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Described is a method to reduce use of paper for printing documents, as well as related toner and electrical expenses. In particular, the inventive system and method tracks printer use, accumulates use statistics in a database, receives new printer jobs, and provides preferential print service or other "rewards" for users with the least environmental impact.

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GRN835: System to Administer Incentives Based on Print Usage

The proposed invention provides rewards to user's that create the least environmental impact with their print usage. An automatic system tracks organizational printer usage decisions by person or department. This may be aggregated periodically (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) to determine the print usage decisions of users and, for example, which user has invoked methods during printing used the least pages, toner, and energy. This use information triggers rewards given to the user or department which has used the least resources. This reward may be absolute, it may be entry into a drawing for a larger prize, or it may be some rebate corresponding to a percentage of average usage costs across the organization. It may consist of rewards such as: preferences in a printer queue, rewards in virtual worlds, discounts, preferred service, preference in amount of toner, preferential access to certain printers, etc. It should be noted that in the preferred embodiment methods are provided to only reward those who reduce their normal environmental impact not those who simply do not print documents. In another embodiment a user may invoke a program every time they don't print a document and instead work with the document on-line.

This method detects if the user invoked methods to reduce the total number of pages required for their document printing. Such methods include...