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Screw Alignment Guide Disclosure Number: IPCOM000169870D
Publication Date: 2008-Apr-28
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The following disclosure describes a tubular alignment device.

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Screw Alignment Guide

Technical problem

Tubular devices to enable screw alignment are used throughout the medical industry. The alignment guides are particularly useful where space is limited and a relatively small threaded screw needs to be correctly aligned and inserted into it's relating thread. Generally speaking the tubular device is placed over the implant head and a secondary insertion device slides down the tube and aligns the screw with the implant.


The proposed solution is designed to fit over the two types of implants used within a specific spinal construct. This functionality is achieved by making the instrument reversible (i.e. it can be used in either orientation about the axis). This gives the surgeon a greater level of convenience and saves time during surgery. The instrument also reduces kit inventory and reduces manufacturing costs. The instrument is easy to use and laser marking can be applied as an additional measure to ensure the device is used in the right orientation for the particular implant.

Variations to the solution

Interfacing ends can be varied depending on the implants diameter and reduction tab features

Alignment Guide; Non reduction implant; Reduction implant

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Guide is can be used in both orientations depending on the implant

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