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Rail-Less Drawer Integration into Computer Racks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000169873D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Apr-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Apr-28
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Disclosed is a design which allows Rack-based drawers/nodes to be mounted to a unique Rack without the use of separate rail assemblies.

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Rail-Less Drawer Integration into Computer Racks

This idea incorporates the rail/guidance/retention feature directly into the chassis and rack systems, therefore allowing the chassis to be as large as possible. This is shown in Figure 1 where a "Rack Rail" system made of material of thickness "t" supports a chassis whose dimensions are "A" (width) x "B" (height). Below that, is a system whose dimensions can be increased (and therefore increase packaging density) by "2t" with the incorporation of the "rail-less bracket" concept, which will be explained in further detail below.

Figure 1: Graphic Representation of Existing Rack Rail System versus Desired Rail-Less Concept.

This disclosure incorporates a rail/flange directly into the drawer mechanical package - either by making the flange extend off the chassis or top cover. It can also be seen, based on the discussion below, that a rail-less flange could also be a separate bracket which is directly attached to the drawer chassis.

Figure 2: Graphical Schematic Showing Rail-Less Flange Incorporated Directly into Drawer Mechanical Package.

The advantages are: Lower cost, Highest density, Ease of service/access, and Robustness. As shown in Figure 3, a particular drawer unit contains an embodiment of this invention by directly attaching brackets (in blue) to the drawer chassis.


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Figure 3: Embodiment using Direct-Attach Rail-Less Brackets.

The rail-less bracket has a flat surface which rides in uniquely-designed slots in the system rack, as shown in Figure 4. These slots are...