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Water-Submersible Computers for Better Cooling Disclosure Number: IPCOM000169923D
Original Publication Date: 2008-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-May-01
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Disclosed is a method to water-proof computers to allow them to be submerged in water, reducing the energy required to cool them.

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Water-Submersible Computers for Better Cooling

A typical circuit board has metal "wires" and chips on it. The chips, which need to be cooled, are already protected by a wrapper. The wires are not, and neither are the leads from the chips to the board. To prepare such a circuit board for submerged operations:

1. Put covers on the chips. This is to protect the wrapper tops, which are the part that needs to be cooled, from the silicon spray. Otherwise the heat conductivity of the silicon might cause the chips to retain heat instead of conducting it to the water.

2. Spray the circuit board with a silicon spray.

3. Remove the covers put in step 1.

Then, spray the connections between the circuit boards with more silicon spray and submerge the computer. Now you can circulate water in the computer, and the entire data center if it had been so treated. The temperature difference between tap water and the post-data center water can be used to generate electricity.