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(RSS) Standard EEPROM Interface through INT 15h Disclosure Number: IPCOM000169928D
Original Publication Date: 2008-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-May-01
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Provides a standard method to access the auxillary storage EEPROM on RSS products. Our diagnostics team has always had to rewrite EEPROM access code for each system developed by RSS in order to accomodate differences in EEPROM types and layouts. This results in additional development time, which could be spent hardening code or other development activities.

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(RSS) Standard EEPROM Interface through INT 15h

The interface would provide a common access method to EEPROMs regardless of their size, configuration, or physical attachment to the system. The main advantage of this method is that utilities, which access the EEPROM only have to be written once rather than several times. The EEPROM will have a universal access method, which will allow all systems with this interface to have the EEPROM accessed in the same manner. Figure 1 describes the flow of information between the middleware and the hardware.

Figure 1

The system BIOS/firmware will provide the support for the INT 15h function calls. It will be the responsibility of the system BIOS/firmware to handle all low level communication with the EEPROM. The idea is to make all EEPROMs appear the same.


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