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CD/Alarm Clock Radio with "New remote functions" Disclosure Number: IPCOM000170013D
Publication Date: 2008-May-06
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Dean Connolly: INVENTOR


CD/Radio Alarm Clock with convenient Remote Control.

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Sony Corporation

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IPD Case # 200802118


CD/Alarm Clock Radio with "New remote functions"

Description of the Invention:

CD/Radio Alarm Clock with convenient Remote Control.


Dean Connolly

Invention Disclosure:

What issues/problems does your invention try to address?

Since 1/3 of our lives are spent in bed and while using a typical alarm clock radio is exposing people to ELF. (Extremely low frequencies) So by adding a remote control, one can place the alarm clock across the room to a safe distance.

Explain your invention and specifically identify the new and novel features.

This Idea came to me during a morning I wanted to hit the snooze, however we relocated our alarm clock to reduce exposure to "ELF" extremely low frequency's so since the alarm is now across the room

Explain how your invention overcomes the problems described above.

A Remote control would be extremely beneficial. Also: for example on days I need to snooze a few more minutes or a holiday forgot to turn off that alarm. The Remote would have to have some larger main buttons for easy button pushing without having to open your eyes, especially for snooze and alarm off. With option some strap to hang off bed post would also help.

Describe other possible uses for your invention:

Add voice speaking to indicate Snooze or Nap time 10 minutes ~ 2HRS...