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The "Not To" field in the email/Calendar Disclosure Number: IPCOM000171147D
Original Publication Date: 2008-May-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-May-30
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A "Not To" field in the email or Calendar field is introduced as a new field in the email header and/or Calendar entry to identify a member that belongs to a group list but will not receive a copy of the email.

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The "Not To" field in the email/Calendar

This new feature will be used each time we need to send an email to a defined group of people, using the groupname feature, but the "Not To" field can be used to prevent one or more persons, belonging to the group, to not be included in the list. This is true also for a Calendar system, to send an invitation to a groupname but not to some person belonging to the groupname.

Presently, to do this, you would open the groupname list, copy all the people into the clipboard, paste the result in a file, remove the person's name, copy the new list in the clipboard and finally paste it in the "To" field, a cumbersome process.

Introducing a "Not To" feature when you need to communicate information to a group of people, but you don't want to send it to one particular person. for example, an invitation to a surprise party for that member of the team.

To implement, a new field is provided in the mask below, for example a field named "but" or "not to", where the user puts the name of the person that is a member of the group but will not receive the note. We can also popup the "Not To" field only in the case where there is a GroupName in the "To" field.


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