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TV Vertical ceiling mounting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000171155D
Publication Date: 2008-May-30
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Jungmin Han: INVENTOR


To mount TV to the ceiling instead of wall

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Sony Corporation

Sony Electronics Inc.

IPD Case # 200802198


TV Vertical ceiling mounting 

Description of the Invention:




to the ceiling instead of wall


Jungmin Han

Invention Disclosure:

What issues/problems does your invention try to address?

Current LCT TV has only wall mounting structure. So we can not install TV without wall

Explain your invention and specifically identify the new and novel features.

My idea is to make TV mounted to ceiling instead of wall. We can use long metal bar or pipe to hang the TV in ceiling. This vertical mounting will be useful at the public area like restaurant or bar where there is not enough wall space or when they want to install TV corner area. Multiple TV set installation could be another option in the center area of public hall.