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Multimedia Search and Upload for Mobile Devices using SMS (Short Messaging Service)/MMS(Multimedia Messaging Service) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000171529D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jun-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jun-13
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Srinath R Aaleti: INVENTOR


Described herein is a method for performing multimedia content searches on the internet or sending and receiving multimedia content to and from a website using SMS/MMS capabilities of a mobile phone instead of a data plan. This method takes advantage of the more readily available and less expensive SMS/MMS capabilities of mobile phones to interact with the web. It also allows more users mobile access to the Internet because this method can be used on phones without Internet capabilities, thus removing the users need to purchase a smartphone in order to get mobile access to the Internet.

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Multimedia Search and Upload for Mobile Devices using SMS (Short Messaging Service)/MMS(Multimedia Messaging Service)

As mobile phones become more common, they have become increasingly feature rich. Mobile phones can be used for simply making phone calls, communicating pictures, text messaging, playing multimedia, or accessing the Internet. Internet access by mobile phones is currently provided by the carrier through a subscription to a data plan. The data plan allows the user to surf the web, transfer video and data, and send email. There is currently no good solution for accessing multimedia content such as uploading videos and searching for videos through a mobile phone without a data plan. Data plans are an added cost to mobile service expenses. The multimedia features of mobile phones have become attractive, but the cost of the data plans in addition to the cost of smart phones prohibit many would-be users.

A method is described herein for uploading multimedia content from mobile devices and for searching and receiving multimedia content using Short Message Service (SMS)/Multimedia Message Service (MMS). SMS is a communication method for sending text between a mobile phone and another mobile phone, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), or Personal Computer (PC). The size of an SMS message is limited. MMS allows for the sending of multimedia files in addition to text. Data plans provide the capability of web surfing as well as sending and receiving email with multimedia content as attachments.

SMS and MMS are broadcasted in data packets on the mobile phone’s control channel and are less expensive than most data plans.  SMS and MMS are more readily available, easily accessible, easy to use, less expensive, and are very popular. SMS and MMS are extremely prevalent outside of the U.S.

There are an exponentially more people with access to SMS and MMS than there are people with data plans or other access to the Internet via mobile phone. This method would bring mobile phone access to the Internet to a vast market. In addition users with older phone or phones without internet capability would now be able to use their SMS/MMS capability to access the internet without having to purchase a smart phone. The proposed method will enable a mobile phone to send email to upload or blog a video or audio, send an MMS to upload or blog a video or audio, and send a search through SMS to get back an image or audio or video through MMS.  For example, querying for sports or news images or videos and being able to get them to mobile devices through MMS.

This method can be used to upload multimedia content from a mobile phone to a website or blog. Figure 1 below is an exemplary depiction of the process for uploading multimedia content.  When uploading a video from mobile phone 110, the user sends an email with video attachment...