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Method for supporting agent failover in a clustered environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000171714D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jun-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jun-17
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The problem this disclosure addresses is a problem that has been flagged as one of most critical problems faced by Domino users. The problem occurs in a clustered environment while executing scheduled server-based agents. The agents are scheduled to run on a specific server and when that server becomes unavailable business critical applications stop running.

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Method for supporting agent failover in a clustered environment

The proposed solution requires the administrator to make the decision that failover is necessary, and automates all the changes necessary to make the failover occur. The administrator is notified when the servers become unavailable, the administrator makes a decision if the outage is lengthy enough that failover would be useful, and then specifies "change all agents to run on server Y instead of server X.". When the original server becomes available the notification is sent to the administrator, and he can use the same interface to restore the original configuration.

Under the covers a number of things happen:
1) Server availability is monitored, if the administrator decides failover is needed
2) all enabled server-based agents are identified
3) agent security is checked (don't want to allow agents to run that were not allowed to run prior to the change)
4) enable agents to run on another server with the same schedules
5) populate security record as necessary (for example agent signers that might be specified on server Y and not on server X)

The important part of the solution is the approach of making the admin make the call but still performing all the laborious work programmatically.