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System and Method to allow users to associate ratings or weights with tags in a tagging system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000171805D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jun-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jun-19
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In recent years, tagging systems have extended the traditional purposes of tagging internet resources such as Unified Resource Locators (URLs) and images to adding the capability for users to tag users according to a list of already created tags or newly formed tags by the user. The current expanded system does not provide any additional insights to measure the accuracy of the tabulated tag cloud since it is only by "how many users have tagged that person" or the frequency of tags. The user does not know of the assumed "range" or "expert level" of the tagged person by the tagee's. Essentially, how much confidence can a user put in to extracting meaningful data from the tag cloud based only on frequency of tags. This invention proposes to solve this problem by coupling a rating system to the tagging system to better formalize meaningful tag clouds. This invention proposes a system and method to allow users to associate ratings or weights to tags in a tagging system.