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Method and Apparatus for an Electronic Coupon from Real-time Design Code Interaction Disclosure Number: IPCOM000171924D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jun-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jun-20
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The proposed solution offers a way that viewers, having seen a product or set of branded products during real-time media presentations, can receive "credit" for the product. This approach would produce advantages for both advertisers and purchasers. Advertisers would be able to track where the viewer actually saw a product placement, validating their advertising expenses. Purchasers, who viewed particular media venues and interactively engage in the experience through the use of design codes, can realize a benefit from communicating to the advertiser, where they saw products advertised, how many times, at what times, etc. The use of design codes in this solution offers an enhanced interactive experience for the viewer.

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Method and Apparatus for an Electronic Coupon from Real -time Design Code Interaction

Entertainment is a huge money making industry. Audiences want to be entertained through various audio and visual means. With this knowledge, advertisers have wisely used the opportunity to get their brand products incorporated and accessible to potential purchasers. For example, you see one of the stars in a movie starting his morning eating a box of Cheerios, with the front of the box displayed prominently on the table. This star might also be seen later in the film walking into a Starbucks ordering a caramel latte. In addition to the opportunity for the advertiser to display particular products and keep the brand image in front of potential purchasers, an additional bonus is for the purchaser to realize an advantage for viewing a product during a movie or other real-time media presentation. The following sections describe the proposed solution for an electronic coupon from real-time design code interaction.

Methods to access the design codes
Design codes are not embedded in the media.

A set of design codes are printed by the user at the time of ticket purchase





phone, coupled with established design code reading software.

Example: In this scenario, Amanda is going to the movies. She sits down in her seat and connects her phone to the seat. As she watches the movie, she sees a dress that she decides she must purchase. She clicks a button on her phone and receives the design code from the theatre system. She accesses that code to


online (i.e. MovieTickets, Fandango, etc.)

A set of design codes are printed to accompany the user's ticket stub at the

time of purchase at a venue (i.e. at the theatre)

Although the user has a set of design codes that are available before the start of the media presentation, the design codes would be "in effect" (meaning to be scanned on mobile device) within the allotted movie-viewing window for specific offers by the intended audience. Therefore, the user needs to be in actual attendance at the movie theater for the experience to fulfill the advertisers intention to get brand recognition and products out to the viewer. This approach provides a true view count that is tied to the real-time experience. This method is above and beyond the current Web sites solutions, which can be compiled post-viewing separate from any type of real-time interaction based on a user and the actual media that is being shown to the viewer. This means that a viewer could possibly have never watched a show at all. They could have found the web site and cross referenced a show to see a list of products.

Design codes are embedded directly in the images in the movie. (KNOWN TECHNOLOGY)

This method could work in conjunction with the insertion of mobile unit (i.e.

user's phone, theater's device, etc.) into the port at...