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Use of Site Metrics to Forecast and Generate Standard HW/SW/Service Orders Disclosure Number: IPCOM000171975D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jun-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jun-24
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On large scale commercial services engagements, hardware, software and services orders can be voluminous yet also predictable based on the customer sites involved. This invention uses the metrics, or attributes, of a site affected by a services migration or deployment to predict the hardware, software and services (that is, people resources) required to support it.

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Use of Site Metrics to Forecast and Generate Standard HW /SW/Service Orders

Each site metric which impacts specific hardware, software, and/or service requirements are represented in an array of configuration documents. Reports may then be generated which forecast these requirements en masse for an entire project based on the scheduled migration/deployment date for the sites in question, thus facilitating planning. Additionally, as the schedule date approaches, orders of for the various hardware, software and service elements may be created and placed with the appropriate vendor.

Here are examples of how site metrics are used to forecast orders. The inputs could be used in formulas, or as the entry values in lookup tables. The results of the formulas or of the lookup tables are the outputs:

Type of Order Inputs Outputs Hardware - Workstations

Business functions at site Number of employees in each business function at site Corporate average of workstations per employee for each business function

Number of workstations needed, by type of configuration

Number of existing network ports
Number of wiring closets Number of employees Existing bandwidth Standard for new bandwidth WAN circuit technology

Hardware - Network

Model and quantity of network switches
Feature cards or blades required for LAN and WAN

Services - Circuits

Type and quantity of WAN circuits

Number of employees Existing WAN bandwidth Standard for new WAN bandwidth