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A mechanism for retrieving mobile device's location. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000171981D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jun-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jun-24
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This invention is focus on the device/handset to device/handset communication mechanism. It is also on-demand base. This means when your partner wants to know your location, he/she could ping your handset follow by a specific code, such as #123*. Then, your handset will retrieve the GPS information and send the location to your partner directly. Your location information is no need to go through and be tracked by a server. If your partner's mobile phone has the campus map, (ie, in Olympic game campus), he/she could ping your handset and retrieve the GPS location only. Then, your partner's mobile phone could display your location on map locally. If your partner's mobile phone doesn't have the map/navigation system, his/her handset could use web service to request from google map for providing such information.

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A mechanism for retrieving mobile device 's location.

The core idea

Our invention is to provide a mechanism that could report mobile device's location through one or more media such as voice, SMS, or MMS when request by an authorized caller. For example, when user A calls user B with user B's mobile phone number plus #123* code, after the connection established, user A will be challenged for authentication. If user A is authorized, user A can trigger user B's mobile to retrieve the location information (from GPS) and map it to an address, then push the information back to user A via
(1) text to speech
(2) SMS
(3) MMS (point the location on a campus map.)

If user B's mobile phone has the campus map, it can also only retrieve the GPS location only. User B's mobile phone could display it on map locally.

Scenario of using this invention

1. Use for kid / senior location tracking.
2. To locate your friend in a campus, such as Olympic game campus.
3. To locate your mobile phone when you lost it.

This is the flow chart of how our idea could be implemented.



     User A presses
phone number + command code 0939746543#123*

User B replies the location to User A via text-to-speech or SMS

   User B gets the
call (with command code) from User A

Reject the call

User B verify the caller ID


Valid access from granted user?


 User B retrieves the GPS Location and map the location to an address