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System and Method to Deliver Enhanced Video Content using Broadcast Plugins Disclosure Number: IPCOM000172109D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jun-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jun-27
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How can digital broadcasts be delivered in real-time to enhance the viewing experience for a particular program? This system uses available subchannels to transmit overlays, which are done via chromascreen/transparency. The intent is to capitalize on the idea that the amount of bandwidth available for a broadcaster is finite. Thus, utilizing the bandwidth is up to the broadcaster. If they want to provide multiple versions of the same program, with enhancements and without, it would currently require using up the full bandwidth of two channels: enhanced and original. This method uses low bandwidth overlay subchannels to provide enhanced viewing options of the program to the user.

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System and Method to Deliver Enhanced Video Content using Broadcast Plugins

1. The broadcaster uses their primary channel as the main channel and provides enhanced overlays on subchannels. This is necessary because the amount of bandwidth on any particular channel is very limited and providing copies of the entire show with only small additions would quickly eat up the available bandwidth.

Example A-1: A Hockey game with the overlay on another channel

Example A-2: The combined image after overlaying Channel 42.2 on top of Channel 42.1


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2. A menu is provided to the user to select which overlays, or combination of overlays, they would like to see superimposed on their current image. The main channel provides what available overlays are available either in the close captioning environment or through the "datacasting" capabilities that exist within the ATSC standard.

Example: Available overlay options are displayed for a particular channel


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3. The images are overlaid on the current program by use of chroma screen (what is used in Hollywood movies) or through a certain convention to make some pixels transparent.
4. To implement this there would need to be two digital tuners to tune in the mai...