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Rollup Computer Combining OLED and Touchscreen Technologies Disclosure Number: IPCOM000172115D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jun-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jun-27
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Disclosed is a device that serves as a computer, web-browser, or other kind of interactive device when in use, and can be rolled into a compact stick when not in use. The device consists of two thin rods which contain any computer-processing capabilities, between which lay a sheet of OLED, upon which lays a sheet of touch-screen film. This allows for a pliant interactive device that can be rolled into a very compact state.

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Rollup Computer Combining OLED and Touchscreen Technologies

Figure 1 depicts the device in both embodiments: the mobile embodiment, and the in-use embodiment. The mobile embodiment is simply two thin rods held tightly against one another. The device can easily be transformed into its in-use embodiment by rolling the two thin rods apart from one another, unrolling the screen (which is one layer of OLED under another layer of touch-screen film). One of the two rods also has two small supporting sticks attached to it by hinges. These sticks can extend away from the rod to which they are hinged and attach to the opposing rod, making the fully extended device contained in a rectangular frame. These are added for stability and backing when the user presses on the touch-screen. These supporting sticks can also be telescoping in order to allow the device support a wider screen than its height.

When deployed, the device operates as interactive device, displaying information on the OLED screen, and detecting input from the user via the touch-screen. The small rods on the ends of the device contain all vital components to its computing capabilities. These may include, but are not limited to: battery, hard drive, flash memory, and external ports (e.g. USB). The device can also carry all memory and other components (e.g. disk drive) externally, and utilize...