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"fake" coin battery for IT common supply chain strategy Disclosure Number: IPCOM000172153D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jun-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jun-30
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Disclosed is a "fake" coin battery solution that solve the issue of IT common supply chain planar not flexible for change battery connector.

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"fake" coin battery for IT common supply chain strategy

1. Background: There have few key considerable points for IBM Datapower network appliance.
a. System security ( Intrusion detect) is the key feature to protect internal software. b. System planar picks up OTS one to lower design cost and will not be saw by user.
c. Battery needs to be CRU to prevent from CMOS data lost that induce chassis intrusion.

In order to fulfill those key points, system planar needs to be hided in chassis and has extend battery cable for battery set. In previous 9003 machine they solder battery cable directly on planar's battery connector. This induces common supply chain problem. Once those planar has been soldered with battery cable, it could not be used in other product unless a rework and test. That increases cost on it. Example:

2. Description: Have a fake "coin battery" instead of solder any cable or add jumper on planar that induces supply chain issue. It could be PCB type like this.

Example 1, top view(Pink),buttom view(Blue).3.0mm PCB thickness,with pad for solder with battery cable.


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Example 2, top view(Green),3.0mm PCB thickness,with SMT connector for directly connection with battery cable. The fake "coin battery" PCB could be installed easily in system planar without any BOM (Bill of...