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Test Management Console (TMC) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000172517D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jul-10
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Disclosed is a system to quickly and efficiently certify multiple platforms for software products, patches, and hot fix pack releases by streamline the steps needed to automate end-to-end QA process during the software development life cycle without any manual intervention

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Test Management Console (TMC)

Test Management Console (TMC) is a system to standardize, manage and automate the life cycle of product test process. This process consists of five stages: Selecting and configuring infrastructure components required for a test environment, installing software builds to be tested, configuring the software or the environment, specifying and executing the test suite pertaining to the software builds installed, and both capturing and reporting the results in various ways.

In the first stage of the process, various combinations of operating systems and application, web and database servers are specified and configured to create an environment for the execution of a specific test suite. In the second stage, a specific build of P8 software is installed into the environment and that software and its environment are configured as necessary in the third stage to meet the requirements of the test suite. In the fourth stage, a test suite is executed against the software builds in their test environment. The fifth stage captures the results of the test and reports the status of the test and the results. Once the test process is complete the infrastructure components are made available for reuse.

User functionality is centered around a "Home Page" where it can create and manage environments, view the progress of each stage of the testing process for every environment, and access individual functional components of the Console system. The Test Management Console system provides a "wizard" to manage the product test process from end-to-end and will automate the functionality for each stage with events driven process. System components for each stage of the process will also be available to run independently. All system configurations, test configurations and test results are associated to a specific test environment, and the test results with their associated environment configurations will be archived in the database for historical reporting purposes.

TMC contains the following subsystems:

Test Management Console Web Server

The Console web server on IIS serves ASP pages and users access these pages through a standard web browser (e.g. MS Internet Explorer). This will be the primary user interface to the Console. Each page provides functionality and access to component systems that comprise the Console, and each page interfaces with other components of the system through the use of scripts, either run locally or remotely. Each page also access data from, and post data to, a SQL 2000 database.


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Test Management Console Database Server

The Console database server stores configurations, status information and test results for the Console. The database can reside on the same server as the Console Web Server or it can reside on a remote dedicated server. Several types of data are stored in...