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Use of Embedded Data Views Within a Document to Provide Complex Dynamic Lists Disclosure Number: IPCOM000172520D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jul-11
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Software Applications often are forced to combine a top level topic or data set with lower level elements in a hierarchy. The use of embedded data views within a top level topic allows a user to both view and interact with a hierarchy of data while never leaving the highest level abstract element. This invention simplifies these connections for the user providing a secure, easy to use visual interaction with all levels of a data hierarchy.

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Use of Embedded Data Views Within a Document to Provide Complex Dynamic Lists

Complicated data hierarchies in software are not uncommon. The invention is built with the Lotus NotesĀ® application as a database meant to provide a Change Request system. At the core of the application is the Change Request document, a parent to the entire data matrix contained within this database. Inside this change request is managed every major or minor piece of

planning to make a change for a particular process.

This requires migrating banks to a new technology such as ethernet. Sub-documents to this

process include managing resources such as people, hardware, software, etc. as well as cost

metrics, scheduling and guidelines to particular bank layouts for each migration. The sub-documents maintain a key linking them to the parent so they can still be viewed at the highest level.

This allows the management of these sub-documents from one place without the complexity of the data being apparent to the user. From the parent change request, Lotus Notes allows the concept of an embedded view showing data contained in another table. This concept is used to insert a view into the data for all matrices. Each view is capable of complex data organization within Lotus Notes including headers and expansion/collapsibility.

Additionally action buttons can be added to each vie...