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Lotus/Notes Team Room Template Enhancement - Access Document More Conveniently Disclosure Number: IPCOM000172785D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jul-15

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In this disclosure, we focused on the problem of how to provide a better user experience while browsing database views like our Notes Teamroom. There were usually a huge number of documents in a database view and the quantity grows quickly everyday. Especially in some technique discussion and team management databases, though we have some existent methods of categorizing, sorting, or arranging the documents, but it was still not an easy job for user to find a certain useful document. The main problem is all the sorting method in current databases are using some solid properties, like time, key word(categorizing), etc. But these properties couldn't neither reflect documents' relevance and author's enterprise roles, nor documents' relationship based on user's actions. To resolve the problems mentioned above, we proposed three methods which described in the following parts. First, we enhanced database view's layout that could provide more clearly and meaningful arrangement. Second, we worked out a method to display database view in a dynamic sorting way which provide a better user experience for users finding valuable documents. In the algorithm, some important enterprise user information, like users' enterprise executive levels and database roles were taken into account. At last, we introduce a very effective method of associating similar documents in databases to help user's retrieval.